Text to Give - Follow the steps below to make a donation to our ministry! 

Step 1

Send a text to 833-614-0248 with "Give 1" in the body of the text. You can change the numeric value to whatever amount you would like to donate (Give 10 = $10, Give 100 = $100, etc.)

Click on the link sent to open a secure form.

step 2

Select which fund you would like to make a donation to. The "General Fund" or "Mission Trip" fund. 

You can also select a different amount to donate and decide if you would like for this to be a recurring gift or one-time gift.

step 3

Select if you would like to donate by a debit/credit card or by a withdrawal from your bank account. We encourage you to select the box "pay transaction fee for this and all future gifts" so that the full donation amount is received. 

Debit/credit cards will charge 2.9% plus a $.30 transaction fee. A withdrawal from your bank account will charge 1% plus a $.30 transaction fee.